Business day

Every year since 2008, Lyon BD has organised a business day. The event takes place on Friday, the day before the ‘IN’ festival starts, and gives 200 professionals from France and overseas the chance to meet, discuss and debate

In 2021, the business day will take place on Friday 11th June 2021 from 9am to 6pm.

Registration from march 11th to june 9th .




Hémicycle Georges Pompidou : Conferences, keynotes, roundtables



  • 9.30 – 9.45 – Introduction to the Business day

By Philippe Brocard, president of Lyon BD.

  • 09.45-10.00  - Presentation of the Beirut Comic Art Festival 

Mathieu Diez, director of Lyon BD, and the Institut français of Lebanon will jointly announce the creation of a comic art festival in Beirut in October.

With support from the Institut français of Lebanon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Institut Français, City of Lyon and Metropole, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and the American University of Beirut.

  • 10.00-11.00 - Masterclass by Wilfrid Lupano

L'assassin qu'elle mérite (Vents d’Ouest), The Old Geezers (Dargaud / Ablaze), White all around (Dargaud / Europe Comics): come discover the world of writer Wilfrid Lupano.

Moderator: Benjamin Roure, journalist for Livres Hebdo

  • 11.00-11.15- Keynote: "Éruptions" exhibition

Nicolas Finet, the exhibition’s commissioner, will present “Éruptions: comic art on the front line of contemporary protests”. This Lyon BD creation pays tribute to the militant artists who have taken part in pro-democratic movements in Hong-Kong, Lebanon, Algeria and Chile. He is joined by Noémie Honein, who designed the exhibition’s poster.

  • 11.15-12.15 – Comic art in the news

Comic journalism is on the front line of all contemporary global current affairs. Several famous authors — Guy Delisle, Lisa Mandel and Fabien Toulmé — will share their experiences and latest news

Moderator: Vincent Raymond, journalist

  • 12.15-12.30 – Presentation of the business events organised by the Institut Français

Belinda Billen, administrator and international manager at Lyon BD, and Mariane Cosserat, head of Books and Media Libraries at the Institut Français, will present the comics business events featuring a dozen foreign professionals, as a continuation of the ‘Focus BD’ that took place online in June 2020.



  • 14.00-14.15 - Introduction to the Business day’s afternoon programme

By Flore Piacentino, general coordinator of Lyon BD.

  • 14.15-14.30 - Presentation of Comic Art Europe

Julie Tait, director of LICAF, and Isabelle Debekker, director of CBBD, will present Comic Art Europe, a joint project backed by the European Commission as part of the Europe Creative programme. This project brings together 4 European organisations: Escola de Comic Joso - Spain, Lyon BD Festival - France, Lakes International Comic Art Festival - UK and the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée - Belgium. 

  • 14.30-15.30 – Comic book festivals on the African continent

As part of the Saison Africa2020, Barly Baruti (CDR), Elyon's (Republic of Congo), Shennawy (Egypt), Cédric Quenum (Benin) and Ayodele Elegba (Nigeria) will share their experiences as artists and organisers of comic book festivals in various countries on the African continent.

Moderator: Raphaël Ruffier, journalist

  • 16.00 -16.15 - Keynote: Blynd, audio comics

See comics in a whole new light… by only listening to them. That’s the idea behind Blynd, which will be presented by its founder Tim Borne and led by Studio Anatole, based in Lyon.

  • 16.15-17.00 - Lulu et Nelson on paper and the big screen

Author Aurélie Neyret and director Paul Leluc will give a never-before-seen preview of the in-production animated film based on her series of children’s comics Lulu et Nelson (written by Charlotte Girard and Jean-Marie Omont, illustrated and coloured by Aurélie Neyret, published by Soleil).

Moderator: Paul Satis, journalist for France 3

  • 17.00-18.00 - Masterclass by Zep

From ligne claire and Titeuf to watercolours and travel journals, Zep will give an insight into his techniques and stages of his work.

Moderator: Laurence Le Saux, journalist for Télérama


Job meetings

From 9.30 to 18.00: Job meetings with editors and arts organisations. 

Business meetings that will give students and young comic book authors the opportunity to sit down and talk with editors and interprofessional organisations.


Organisations available with booking: 


Organisations available without booking: 



Practical info


Hôtel de Région de Lyon, 1 esplanade François Mitterrand - CS 20033, 69269 Lyon Cedex 02

  • Tram line T1 / Stop: Hôtel de Région-Montrochet
  • Bus No. 63 - 8 - S1 / Stop: Hôtel de Région-Montrochet
  • Rhône coach lines 105 - 125 - 185 / Stop: Hôtel de Région-Montrochet








Picture : © Michel Pérès / Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes